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Modular INNOVATIONS Toolkit (MIT)

The Modular INNOVATIONS Toolkit (MIT) was developed by CAM as a unique strategy and planning tool to assess current and future trends in the automotive industry and mobility services.

MIT is based on...

the AutomotiveINNOVATIONS database
.. in which more than 90 automakers are analyzed in key technology areas such as powertrain, connected car, safety and autonomous driving. Customer-relevant innovations are continuously updated and evaluated. Around 50 defining attributes such as innovation type, originality, maturity, etc. are used.
the Mobility Services database

... consisting of more than 750 platform services such as ridesharing, carsharing, and intermodality offered by automotive manufacturers as well as mobility providers or digital players and startups. This database is also updated regularly.

the AutomotivePERFORMANCE database

with market, sales and financial data from 19 global automotive manufacturers.

the CAM reports

... provide market data, analytical insights and forecasts on key technology fields such as e-mobility, connectivity and autonomous driving.

CAM reports can be viewed under the respective research area: E-Mobility, Mobility Services, Connected Car, AutomotiveINNOVATIONS and AutomotivePERFORMANCE.

Databases which are continuously updated, enlarged and improved since more than ten years.

More than 10.000 single innovations at present. Each innovation is tracked and analysed using more than 50 attributes.

How MiT can support you

Competitive Intelligence, Benchmarking and Analysis

Innovation Analysis & Forecast - Sources and Methods

Innovation Planning

Mobility Services

Technology Scouting

Future Innovations with High Customer Adoption Rates

Competence Analysis

Consumer and Expert Innovation Assessment

Customer-tailored innovation and market research projects

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