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Das CAM analysiert im Bereich Elektromobilität anhand von Markthochlauf-Szenarien die Kernkompetenzen der Zukunft. Darüber hinaus werden aktuelle Innovationen und Marktentwicklungen im Detail analysiert.
Auf einer fundierten Basis erstellt das CAM für seine Kunden maßgeschneiderte Analysen und Szenarien im Bereich alternativer Antriebe von Batterie-, Hybrid- und Brennstoffzellenfahrzeugen.

Electromobility Report

The Electromobility Report 2021 primarily analyzes the future core competencies of e-mobility. In addition, market and innovation trends of electric vehicles in Germany and the international core markets EU, USA and China are analyzed. The study explores market developments at industry level, innovation strength and drive strategies of relevant automotive manufacturers, as well as influencing factors of the market ramp-up of electric mobility, which it translates into scenarios for the year 2030. The study focuses on pure battery vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

E-Mobility Innovation Ranking 2021

The CAM-exclusive innovation strength in the all-electric drive sector evaluates the additional customer benefits of the innovations developed, such as improved range and power consumption and faster charging options. Tesla remains the industry leader in electric mobility, according to CAM evaluations.

Worldwide Sales and Registrations

China continues to be the leading market for all-electric e-mobility. However, Europe is catching up in leaps and bounds. 

CAM/YouGov Study

EV sales from 2013 to 2020

Global #electricvehicles sales in comparison of OEMs (brands): The small animation shows the high sales dynamics of #BEV/#PHEV of the automobil manufacturers in the period from 2013 to 2020. #tesla leads the brand ranking, but German manufacturers are catching up (partly thanks to PHEV models). Nissan and Renault initially scored with successful models such as Leaf and Zoe, but are falling behind over time. China, as the lead market for e-mobility, is represented by brands such as BYD and Wuling, which are boasting strong sales figures in their home market.

CAM E-Mobility Segment Matrix 2021

Download CAM E-Mobility Segment Matrix 2021 as poster (status December 2020). 

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For more information on e-mobility, innovations, or the CAM Innovation Assessment Methodology, please visit the following links:

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Overview of current studies

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Electromobility Report 2021: Update Europa

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